We're evolving with guidance and support from two fantastic organisations.

The synthetic biology strategic research initiative (@University of cambridge)

The SynBio SRI is a hub for anyone interested in Synthetic Biology at the University of Cambridge. The SRI launched this project, by introducing us to the technology, helping us acquire initial funds and resources, and integrating us into the SynBio community. 


The Centre for Global Equality

CGE is a Cambridge-based network of NGOs, academics, businesses and individuals who work collaboratively towards reducing extreme inequality. We are a member of the Centre's Global Goals Innovation Cultivator, which provides ongoing mentorship and support to ventures that aim to tackle global inequality. 


Special thanks go to Jenny Molloy & Lara Allen!


We're also grateful to all the organisations who have provided us with helpful feedback:

Some of whom we hope to collaborate with in future.


And the organisations who have helped fund our work: